New Special Weapon: Flash Grenade
• They can't win if they can't aim! Get tactical advantage with a grenade that temporarily blinds everyone in a large area.
• Timed exclusive of July VIP Tree.

New Epic Operator: Miro
• There is no hiding now! Use Thermal Vision to target enemies even through smoke.
• Be the eyes of the operation with immunity to blindness. Miro always sees the job through.
• Make the most of the Flash Grenade thanks to increased capacity, extended effect radius, and bleeding effect that deals additional damage per second.
• Timed exclusive of July VIP Tree.

Clan Sale
• Unity is profit! Launch personalized Gold offers for your Clan and get bonuses for reaching Clan Sale milestones.
• Each Clan can start one Sale per month.

Capture the Bag
• Experimental ruleset is now applied to all matches.

Bug fixes and general improvements:

• Chen Li Shards can now be obtained from Operator Kits.

• Chen Li is now included in the upgrade discount rotation.

• Added Chen Li Epic Kit to the Shop.

• Added Ukrainian translation.

• Added Back button support for pop-up windows on Android.

• Minor performance improvements.

• Removed Rating requirements for unlocking Friends.

• Fixed Chen Li's description to display EMP Blast radius upgrades correctly.

• Fixed a bug where dashing would not work correctly while jumping out of a vehicle.

• Fixed yet another bug with incorrect MGL39 behavior when used with Shields.

• Fixed a bug where missed reward messages would appear in Inbox even the reward was successfully claimed.

• Fixed a bug where navigating Equipment tabs quickly would cause the game to freeze.

• Fixed a bug where killing Alpha on Floor 5 would not count towards Descent Missions progression.

• Fixed a bug with Mines and Laymore Mines not sticking to surface and exploding spontaneously in some cases.