Darktober 2020 Event:
• Collect pumpkins on the battlefield and exchange them for unique items.
• The more pumpkins you have, the more rewards you get!

New Rating Progression system:
• Unlock more content and earn rewards by moving up the ranks.

• Added a daily limit for kicking Clan members.
• Earned Progress Points are now applied to Clan Missions consecutively, starting with the first one.

Bug fixes and general improvements:
• Removed timer when uninstalling Mods.
• Added Region indicator to the Debug Info window.
• Fixed a bug where the WARMUP Daily Mission would appear instead of other Missions while changing them.
• Fixed a visual bug with Snek's Airstrike markers not displaying correctly on certain surfaces.
• Fixed a bug that could potentially cause some players to leave their Clan automatically right after joining it.