Black Friday Sale
• Please welcome: the Supersale you have never seen in Tacticool! Discounts up to 90%, valuable personalized offers, and a unique rewards tree!
• Participate in the sale event, earn Black Friday Points for each in-game purchase and use them to unlock free presents!
• Missing a few Shards for that one Operator? Get them at a special price and unlock the character you've always wanted!
• Fan-favourite cosmetics return! Hats, Taunts, Collectible Weapons, and many more unique items are obtainable from new kits for a limited time only.
• Premium Kits are 50% off! Get 2 of each before the offer expires — it's an offer you simply cannot refuse!
• Moses makes his Epic Kit debut! Now is your chance to complete your Epic roster.

Map improvements
• Aircraft Graveyard has changed. Explore the updated map with many balance and gameplay fixes.

Bug fixes and general improvements:
• Added the missing Haptics Feedback option for certain iPhone models.
• Fixed a bug with the Player Level indicator not displaying correctly.
• Fixed a bug with incorrect order of equipped MODs on the MVP Loadout screen.
• Fixed a bug that caused the Roulette Wheel sound to keep playing outside of its screen.
• Fixed a bug with Charon not being visible on the MVP screen.