Gameplay Event: No Loadout Limits
• Want to pick Assault Rifles in all presets? Or try Capisce with three different guns in one match? Now you can! During the event, same Weapons and Operators can be equipped in different Loadouts.
• Available for 3 weeks.

UI Improvements
Play with more comfort than ever! Some of the requested features are already here:
• Added Online status to Squad Chat and Clan Chat.
• Updated color scheme for Ready status in Squads.
• Owned Blueprints now show up in the Workshop tab.

Bug fixes and general improvements:
• Re-enabled Mods in Battle Royale.
• Improved visual effects for Landau Emitter.
• Improved stability on Android devices.
• Temporarily disabled Roulette Wheel sounds to fix related issues.
• Charon can now reload any weapon while using OPTICAMO.
• Potentially fixed a bug with incorrect MGL39 behavior when used with Shields.
• Fixed a bug with ads getting stuck at loading.
• Fixed a bug with ads freezing during playback.
• Fixed a bug where the game would randomly switch between Friends and Squad tabs.
• Fixed a bug with Moses' blindness and slowdown effects not being synced.
• Fixed a bug with Mods not being shown correctly in Loadouts on the Respawn screen.
• Fixed a bug where the Descent Access Card timer would not work correctly in some cases.
• Fixed a black screen issue caused by reconnecting right before the end of a match.
• Fixed a bug with shortened RPG range in Offline mode.
• Fixed a bug where deflected SMS41 projectiles would ignore Chen Li's Landau Field on hit.
• Fixed a bug that caused RPG to have a red outline in Battle Royale.
• Fixed a bug with an in-game Descent alert showing up for accounts with no access to the mode.
• Fixed a bug where an Equipment Capsule could contain duplicate weapons in Descent.
• Fixed a bug with a permanent alert on the game icon in iOS.
• Fixed a bug where killing Alpha on Floor 5 would sometimes not count towards Descent Mission progress.
• Fixed a bug with Thai symbols not displaying on iOS 13 and newer.