New Epic Operator: Moses

• Highly resistant to explosives.

• Gets a temporary health boost upon taking lethal damage.

• Unique Special: "Stronghold" Shield equipped with a flash system that blinds enemies.

Balance changes:

• Tactical Shield: Increased reduction of the Damage Taken parameter with each upgrade level from 3% to 4%.

• Missile Defense: Increased base Activation Radius from 6 m to 7 m.

Bug fixes and general improvements:

• Added an option to sign in with Apple ID for iOS users.

• Improved plane colliders on Village.

• Minor radiation changes on Old Depot (Control).

• Friends menu: Fixed a bug with the Clan Members tab not syncing as intended.

• Fixed a bug that prevented the Assa Dance animation from playing.

• Fixed animation bugs while using Taunts with Tactical Shield.

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