Clan Pass
• Starting from August, each Epic Outfit collection will be split between two Clan Pass iterations.
• You can claim up to 4 random Outfits of the current collection per Clan Pass.

Bug fixes and general improvements:
• Fixed numerous in-game ad errors.
• Improved performance in Offline mode.
• Fixed performance drops while controlling a Drone in Offline mode.
• Improved sensitivity for the X button in Battle Royale loot windows.
• Fixed a bug with Progress Points not resetting with the start of a new Clan Mission cycle.
• Fixed a bug with the Dash button not working during a match.
• Fixed a bug with Dash not working after jumping out of a moving vehicle as Capisce.
• Fixed a bug where VIP Points would not be added for purchases if the VIP Tree is not active.
• Fixed a bug where the wind effect on Aircraft Graveyard would not prevent planting mines.
• Fixed a bug where Charon would show up incorrectly on the MVP screen.
• Fixed a bug where the Fire Prototype button would not grey out when reloading.
• Fixed a bug with duplicating Clan tags in the Operator Crate description in Battle Royale.
• Fixed a bug where players could sometimes reach over 9999 Rating.
• Fixed an incorrect kill feed notification if Moses died after receiving bleed damage.
• Fixed an incorrect Damage Radius value in the Flash Grenade description at Level 3.
• Fixed various localization mistakes.