2020 GO AWAY

New Year Event:
• Say goodbye to 2020! Play, complete Event Missions, power up your gear and get prizes.
• End of the Year Competition: earn event currency and get to the top of the Leaderboard to claim the most valuable rewards!
• Tons of new cosmetics, including Tactical Beard that boosts your event currency income!

New Epic Operator: CHEN LI
• Dominate the battlefield with her unique Landau Cannon that generates a powerful wave affecting objects in a large area. Hit them with everything you got!
• Master the Electric Field capable of stunning enemies that use Special Weapons and destroying marked explosives. Shockingly useful against Adrenaline!
• Utilize the Landau Field to face the danger and deflect incoming bullets back to those opposing you. Return to sender, address unknown!
• Can only be unlocked through New Year's Rewards Tree.

Balance changes:
• Adjusted parameters for Zloy, Smoke Grenade, Shields, Taser, Assault Rifles, and Shotguns to make them more effective in the current meta.