MY.GAMES Anniversary
• It's our brand's birthday! Join the celebration!
• Log in before June 7 and claim presents: a unique MY.GAMES Avatar for your profile and 1,000 Gold!

Additional Matchmaking Regions
• Our partner Amazon added more servers to their infrastructure — and we're getting on board right away! This should significantly improve connection quality for players in remote areas.
• Server list now includes Stockholm, Cape Town, and Hong Kong.

Battle Royale
• Thanks to your feedback, all Battle Royale Mission rewards have been increased. Enjoy the Royale bonus!
• Adjusted some Battle Royale Missions to make them easier and more fun to complete.

Gold Piggy Bank
• Obtain more Gold at a lower cost, but it will take some effort first!
• Fill the safe with Gold by earning badges in matches, then buy the safe to claim it!

Double Silver Rewards
• Watch advertisements to receive additional Silver from completed Missions and claimed Supply Drops.
• Ads now load and work much better than before!

Bug fixes and general improvements:
• Removed all mentions of Doublers from the game.
• Optimized performance for low-end devices.
• Improved stability of in-game ads.
• Reworked algorithms for calculating Kills in the Player Profile.
• Fixed several navigational issues when tapping on completed Battle Royale Missions.
• Fixed several visual bugs with animated weapon skins.
• Fixed a bug where the Roulette Wheel sound would get stuck in regular matches.
• Fixed a bug where the Roulette Wheel sound and animation would duplicate in Battle Royale.
• Fixed a bug where Charon would be invisible on the MVP screen. Don't be shy!
• Fixed a bug where the Silver reward for Panzerdog ID would not show up until the account is updated.
• Fixed a bug where the Silver reward for Panzerdog ID would reappear if Panzerdog ID is turned off and on repeatedly.
• Fixed a bug where Reputation earned from Clan Pass did not display in the player's info if they recently switched Clans.
• Fixed a bug with earned Silver not displaying correctly on the Roulette Wheel screen.
• Fixed a bug with stuck animations and unresponsive controls after looting a Crate in Battle Royale.
• Fixed an issue with Battle Royale "ending soon" push notifications arriving after Battle Royale has ended.
• Fixed a bug with incorrect MGL39 behavior when used with Shields.