Get ready for the Ready status!
• Now you can check if your Squad is prepared for battle and get in the match queue with much more ease.

Landau Cannon:
• Increased force applied to objects.
• Decreased basic Cooldown from 30 to 24 (s).

Chen Li Rework:
• Removed Electric Field.
• Landau Field now protects Chen Li by deflecting all incoming bullets but has limited durability that depletes with each hit. When it reaches zero, the Field emits an EMP Blast and temporarily deactivates. All enemies in the blast range are tased.

Bug fixes and general improvements:
• Fixed various bugs related to the VIP system.
• Fixed various animation bugs.
• Fixed a bug with the Clan Flag not displaying correctly on the Clan Overview screen.
• Fixed a bug with the Continue button not showing up on the Roulette Wheel screen.
• Fixed a bug where the "Show Them All" Mission could not be completed in Descent.
• Fixed a bug where MGL39 kills would not count towards the "KABOOM!" Mission progress.