Black Friday
• Sale of the Year is here! Huge discount up to 90% off everything, dozens of offers and long-awaited items.
• Take part in the Black Friday Bingo event and get more rewards for your purchases.

New Prototype: KAPITZ-A
• Gravity is under your command! Lift physics objects and use them as projectiles to wreak havoc on the battlefield.
• Early Access available during the Black Friday Bingo. The Prototype will be purchasable with in-game currency later.

Additional Upgrade System: Talents
• Your Operators could use some combat training! Unlock and activate Talents to receive various specialty bonuses. Tank or damage dealer? You decide!

Reworked Operator Progression
• Levelling up made easier! More Levels, fewer Shards needed for each move in your Tacticool career!
• Upgrades for each Operator are now split into 50 smaller Levels. Baby steps are still steps.
• Your current Operator progress has been converted to the new system.

Bug Fixes and General Improvements
• Added Miro to the Shard discount rotation.
• Added alternative rewards to Battle Pass for players who already have some content maxed out.
• Fixed several bugs related to the AR weapon class.
• Fixed several bugs with Clan Mission push notifications.
• Fixed a bug that allowed purchasing Battle Pass Levels when it's already at Level 21.
• Fixed a bug where completed Battle Royale Missions would not have an alert.
• Fixed a bug with the Reset button disappearing on the Edit UI screen.
• Fixed a bug with the attack animation being out of sync when using Melee weapons with Shields.
• Fixed a bug with losses not resetting counters for winstreak-related Missions.
• Fixed a bug with explosives not destroying turrets.
• Fixed a bug with the Clan Sale push notification not being displayed correctly.
• Fixed a bug with MGL39's shot trajectory not displaying while aiming.
• PC: Added an Exit Game button.
• Offline mode: Fixed a bug with Mods not affecting the weapon equipped in the second slot.
• Battle Royale: Fixed a bug where the Operator would not hide the Melee weapon while healing.
• Descent: Fixed a bug with loot reappearing in an Equipment Capsule if the player was knocked out while interacting with it.
• Various UI fixes.
• Additional graphics optimization.