Missile Defence:
This Special Weapon is undeservedly overlooked in combat. We decided to give Missile Defence a much-needed boost by letting it target grenades at the cost of reduced radius. And yes, that includes Flash Grenades, too.
• Now neutralizes all grenades (including Drone projectiles).
• Base Activation Radius changed from 7m to 5m.
• Drone targeting time changed from 1s to 1,6s.

Tactical Shield and "Stronghold" Shield:
To help Shields find their way into the current meta, we are making them extremely useful in countering flashes.
• Now grant immunity to blindness.

Its pick rate is very high and has to be balanced with other weapons. Displaying Blast Area and slightly reducing damage should increase your chances of survival against the grenade launcher.
• Blast Area is now visible to everyone.
• Power changed from 12,000 to 10,000.

Handling SMS41 effectively is a great challenge. We want to make it easier with these changes.
• Following Mod bonuses are improved: Aim Area, Aim Speed, Range.
• Laser pointer is no longer visilbe to enemies.

Thanks to the strength of his Super Weapon, Zloy is a must in almost every match. We are adjusting the A-232 in a way that will be more dependent on the combat situation.
• Health changed from 4,500 to 4,400.
• A-232: Cooldown / Duration changed from 30 / 25 to 25 / 15.

Dutch is currently the most effective Operator in the game and an absolute winner in pick rate. We made a hard decision to lower his health and add RTFM upgrades as a payoff.
• RTFM: Cooldown can now be reduced down to 28s by upgrading the Operator.
• Health changed from 4,100 to 3,900.

This is one of the rarest Operator picks, but it is time for Charon to shine. His speed bonuses are now much more substantial, making him a bigger threat on the battlefield.
• While invisible, CHARON gets a 15% Movement Speed boost. The boost stays active for 2,5s after decloaking, in addition to a 15% Attack Speed bonus.
• Health changed from 3,500 to 3,600.

Assault Rifle:
Despite our efforts in the previous balance update, ARs are still pretty unpopular. We want to make this weapon more stationary to allow shooting at distant targets more effectively.
• Minimum Accuracy while crouched/standing increased by 35%.
• Movement Speed changed from 88 to 90.

There is a Movement Speed cap that only Adrenaline can go above. Some fast Operators were limited by this, so we are increasing the value to let them fight at their full potential. Take a closer look at Snek and Varg!
• Movement Speed cap (without Adrenaline) increased by 15%.

Clan Sale
• It's back better than ever! Clan-wide deals are now free to start, featuring all 5 Premium Kits, launch discounts, a request option, and much more!

UI Improvements
• VIP Tree visuals have been reworked for better usability.
• Improved in-game alert system.

Bug fixes and general improvements:
• Flash Grenade can now be purchased with Silver in Equipment.
• Added ads to the PC version.
• Added an exclusive Miro Outfit for everyone who unlocked him in the VIP Tree.
• Fixed a bug with the Miro Shards counter not displaying on the Operator Selection screen.
• Fixed a bug where Clan Presidents could not access their own contribution info on the Clan Overview screen.