Hall of Fame
• No feat is left forgotten! Now you can view Leaderboards of all past events on the Ratings screen. Compete with other players for a chance to go down in Tacticool history.

Workshop and Mods
• Replaced Blueprints with Intel.
• Refined the Mods screen for better ease of use.
• Significantly improved the Workshop tab to make converting Intel much more comfortable.

VIP Tree
• In-game purchases just got even more exciting! Players who have claimed all VIP Tree rewards now gain access to an extra reward system with unique cosmetics.
• Increased conversion rate of VIP Points for players who completed the VIP Tree.
• These additions will apply with the next VIP Tree in February. They do not affect the Batyacoin Tree.

New Talents
• "Satellite Support" — Super Weapon marks enemies in the Effect Area.
• "Hidden Spotter" — Super Weapon grants invisibility.

• "Hi-Tech Gas Mask" — Gas and smoke restore 4% Health per second.
• "Smoke Screen" — Super Weapon emits smoke instead of gas.

• "Radar Jammer" — Super Weapon shoots 8 missiles but their explosion Power is reduced by 40%.
• "Modified RTFM" — Missiles do not trigger Missile Defense but Cooldown speed is reduced.

• "Boosted Radar" — Increased Scanner Radius for Diana and her drones.
• "Combat Drone" — Drones have unlimited projectiles but gain 4.5 s Cooldown.

• "Quick Charge" — Increased Super Weapon Cooldown speed.
• "Ambush Master" — Special Weapons can be used while cloaked.

• "Ergonomic Shield" — Shield absorbs a lot more damage while on Operator's back.
• "Anointed" — -50% to damage received while standing still during Last Stand.

Chen Li
• "High Voltage" — Increased EMP Blast Radius.
• "Magnetic Bullets" — Bullets deflected by Landau Field decrease Attack and Movement Speed by 30%.

• "Contrast Filter" — Accuracy and Aim Speed are significantly increased in smoke.
• "Impulse Scanner" — Detect explosives and devices in the vicinity.
• "Modified Visor" — Detect cloaked Operators in the vicinity.

• "Practical Equipment" — Swapping weapons increases Movement Speed for 3 sec. Talent Cooldown — 8 sec.

Bug Fixes and General Improvements
• Added new customizable offers for Secondary Weapons.
• Talent bonuses are now displayed on the MVP Loadout screen.
• Even more Talent bonuses are now displayed in the Weapon Info box.
• Fixed visuals for Machine Guns on Operator's back.
• Fixed a bug where certain Mod effects were not displayed in KAPITZ-A's Info box.
• Fixed a bug where Pistols would sometimes not reload correctly when used with Shields.
• Fixed a bug where launching a new match would sometimes lead to the Results screen from the last match.
• Fixed a bug with Badge Description not opening on tap.
• Fixed a bug with PRO/ELITE Weapons not having their bonuses when equipped in JB's Secondary slot.
• Improved banner logic on the main screen.
• Various UI improvements.
• Various performance improvements.
• Battle Royale: Removed Talents counter on Death screen.
• PC: Added an Opacity slider for control buttons.
• iOS: Added an option to delete your Tacticool account.