Easter Event
• The Hunt has begun! Collect Easter Eggs in regular matches, Battle Royale and Descent, and use them to obtain awesome rewards!
• Equip the Easter Hat to increase your combat earnings. Double the Eggs — double the fun!
• Compete with others for the first place in the Easter Leaderboard and earn valuable prizes!
• Marathon returns! Log in daily for free bonuses.
• Easter Bomb is ticking! Can you defuse in time? Complete Event Missions to unlock new buttons and claim special presents.
• Look out for hidden Bomb codes on our Instagram! Only the most skilled hunters can find all secret rewards.

Battle Royale
• Added Death Screen showing info about the player who killed you.
• Introducing Contracts — recurring Battle Royale Missions with no completion limits. Play, survive and earn as many Royale Points as you want!
• Royale Points can now only be earned by completing Battle Royale Missions.

Game modes schedule:
• Descent — Monday (8:00 UTC) to Thursday (8:00 UTC);
• Battle Royale — Friday (7:00 UTC) to Monday (7:00 UTC).

Bug fixes and general improvements:
• Connect your account to Panzerdog ID and get 50,000 Silver as a reward.
• Fixed several bugs related to Squad invitations.
• Fixed a bug that allowed adding friends from the Scoreboard screen before unlocking Friends menu.
• Fixed a bug where MGL39 kills would not count towards the CLUB FUN Mission progress.
• Fixed a bug where Operators would sometimes freeze in the looting animation in Descent.
• Fixed a bug where the movement joystick would get stuck if another window is in focus (e.g. a pop-up notification).
• Fixed a visual bug with the Worm Taunt animation blocking other Taunts.
• Fixed a visual bug with Landau Emitter clipping through Stronghold Shield on Moses' back.
• Improved visual interactions with the VIP Rewards Tree.
• Improved progress selection logic.
• Improved performance in Offline mode.
• Improved in-game alert logic.
• Fixed various issues with in-game ads.
• Fixed various issues with push notifications on Android.
• Fixed several bugs related to Landau Field's activation.
• Fixed a bug with Chen Li being immune to Taser when Landau Field is active.
• Fixed a bug with incorrect MGL39 behavior if the player uses a Taunt while firing.
• Fixed a bug where MK VI offers would not show up if the player already has a Prototype unlocked.
• Fixed a bug where the game would sometimes crash on changing Player Name.