In-game Event
Daily login rewards, tons of goodies, and activities await you!
• Get Pumpkins by collecting them in battle, completing Special Missions, or spending Gold!
• Earn Dark Pass Levels and claim valuable rewards across 3 Tiers!
• Unlock unique Event Avatars and upgrade their Frames for Dark Pass Levels!
• Visit in-game Shop for lots of exclusive offers, including new items and fan-favorite cosmetics alike!
• Darktober 2020 Hat returns — wear it to double all Pumpkins found in matches!
• Compete in Darktober Leaderboard, let's see who gets to be the ultimate harvester!

New Epic Operator: JB
• Double the gun, double the firepower! Take two Primary weapons into the fight and show them how it's done.
• Get the upper hand with quick weapon swapping, reduced bullet spread, and Tactical Reload ability that automatically refills ammo for holstered guns.
• Use your chance to unlock JB for free by opening new cases with guaranteed rewards!

• Permanently removed Loadout restrictions for weapons of the same class.
• Restrictions still apply to Operators and Special weapons.


New Support System

• Quality service can be fast, too! Now all your in-game support tickets will be processed within 24 hours.

Battle Pass

• Added an option to buy Elite Battle Pass Levels to boost your progression.

• Added Miro Shards to Operator Kits.

• Added Unavailable status for locked Collectibles.

• Added details about VIP Points conversion to the VIP Tree info screen.

• Added a shortcut to the VIP Tree via tapping the Gold Mining banner.

• Fixed a bug with some Flash Grenade upgrade costs being incorrect.

• Fixed a bug with the disappearing Continue button on the Roulette Wheel screen.

• Fixed a bug with Chen Li's Landau Field not upgrading with Operator's Level.

• Fixed a bug with VIP Points not displayed on the Elite Clan Pass offers.

• Fixed a bug where the game would freeze while browsing Weapon Skins.

• Fixed a bug where some Infected would die right at the start of a Floor in Special Operation Descent.

• Fixed a bug where Taser would sometimes shoot above the enemy's head.

• Fixed a bug where using Dash and Taser simultaneously would put both actions on cooldown.

• Fixed a bug where a weapon picked up from an Operator Crate would sometimes have no ammo in Battle Royale.

• Fixed a bug with all in-game alerts resetting.

• Significantly improved in-game alerts. Some minor issues are possible — we are still working on it.

• Improved the Respawn screen UI.

• Improved visuals for Piggy Bank when it's filled.

• Android: Fixed a bug with some push notifications not having an app icon.

• PC: Fixed several UI layout bugs on ultrawide displays.

• PC: Fixed a bug with Clan Pass rewards changing their highlight color.

• PC: Fixed a bug with Battle Royale rewards displaying with an incorrect background.

• PC: Fixed a bug with the Confirm button not working in the Button Mapping section.