New Year Event
• Celebrate New Year and Christmas with Tacticool! Play the game, share gifts, collect Event Points and level up your SNOW PASS to unlock new rewards!
• Take part in the Clan Race and earn exclusive Clan cosmetics. Fight for the top and get a chance to win the main prize — a custom Clan Flag artwork of your choice.
• Experience the new event rules for your favorite game modes. Keep playing to find them!

New Map: Area 39 (Team Deathmatch)
• It's finally here! Gather your Squad and dive deeper into the infamous military base, now with the classic TDM gameplay.

Talents and Operators
• Charon's Melee Damage bonus now increases with the Operator Level.
• Operator Info box now includes Health bonuses from Talents.
• Weapon Info box now includes Talent bonuses.
• New Talent: Lucky. Increases chances to get a Rare combat reward.

Talents Balance Changes
Strong Health:
• Decreased Health bonus from 400/325 to 350/285.

• Increased Dash Cooldown Speed bonus from +40% to +80%.

• Increased Accuracy bonus from +8% to +10%.

First Aid:
• Increased Gas and Bleeding Damage Taken bonus from -35% to -40%.

Martial Arts:
• Increased Melee Damage Taken bonus from -12% to -20%.

Explosives Expert:
• Increased Explosives Power bonus from 15% to 25%.

Sapper Intuition:
• Increased Explosive Damage Taken bonus from -12% to -20%.

Engineer Knowledge:
• Increased Special Weapon Cooldown Time bonus from -8% to -10%.

Melee Master:
• Increased Melee Damage bonus from 15% to 25%.

• Increased Explosion and Mine Activation Radius from 10% to 15%.

• Replaced Melee Master Talent with Expanding Bullets Talent that increases Bullet Damage.
• Decreased Gun Nut bonus from 8% to 7%.

• Replaced Sapper Intuition Talent with Melee Master Talent.
• Increased Tactical Camo bonus from -60% to -85%.
• Increased Stealth bonus fron -5 sec to -7 sec.

• Increased Endurance bonus from 25% to 35%.

• Bonus damage from Reinforced Grenade now applies to gas.
• Increased Chemical Injuries bonus from 30% to 35%.

Bug Fixes and General Improvements
• Avatar Frames are now displayed on the Descent Results screen.
• Avatars are now displayed on the MVP screen.
• Minor improvements of in-game alerts.
• Improved UI for the VIP Tree.
• Improved UI for the MVP, Clan Sale, and Battle Pass screens.
• Fixed a bug where selecting any tab in Settings would sometimes open the More Games screen.
• Fixed a bug where kills made with a Primary Weapon in the second slot would not count in the Player Profile stats.
• Fixed a bug where Diana's Improved Scanner Talent would sometimes trigger even when not active.
• Fixed a bug that allowed entering the Battle Royale screen while in a Squad.
• Fixed a bug with duplicating Clan tags on the Descent Results screen.
• Fixed a bug with incorrect radiation placement on several maps.
• Fixed a bug in the Landau Reactor Mod description.
• Fixed a bug in the Good Genetics Talent description.
• PC: Fixed a bug with the Left Mouse Button prompt localization.
• PC: Fixed a bug with the Play button showing up on the Button Mapping screen.
• PC: Added force feedback support for controllers.
• PC: General UI improvements.